Sweden’s Most Powerful Business Women

From left: Johanna Nilsson, Tanika Hogan, Ebba Nilsson, Anna Ahlström and Johannes Schygge.
Image from Veckans affärer; Pax Engstöm Nyström

Last week we got the opportunity to attend Veckans Affärer’s event Sweden’s Most Powerful Business Women at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. Together with Saab Group’s Executive Management, Saab Academy, and final year students from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) we experienced an inspirational evening that makes us want to work hard and win that prize one day.

We started the day by having a workshop together with KTH students who are engaged in the female talent network Malvina. The aim was to brainstorm important factors that students and young professionals value when choosing an employer. We identified attractive parameters such as growth and international possibilities as well as the importance of having a leader instead of a boss. Interesting but not surprising was that all of us had a similar idea of what makes an employer attractive. The workshop resulted in learnings but also confirmation in that Saab is doing the right things.


KTH students participating in our workshop

After smoothies and sandwiches we were ready to listen and engage in Veckans Affärer’s seminar about equality. Fredrik Eklöf, creator of the app GenderTimer, was sharing his knowledge about norms and hidden structures in the business world. As a young professional woman, I have experienced many of these norms and structures in my life already, although I realize there might be more to come. For me it is important to remember that if I do not act, then I am taking part of the unwanted norm or structure. Therefore I always speak up and encourage you to do the same.

Mia Brunell Livfors won the award Sweden’s Most Powerful Business Woman. She is the CEO of Axel Johnson, a company with a turnover of 70 Billion SEK. Her main career tip is to pick your manager wisely. She says that direct and honest two-way communication is key to create mutual trust and that leadership should be personal to create engagement. She adds that a leader should encourage employees to try new things and that it is okay to fail since this is what fosters innovation and new ways of thinking.

I believe that good leadership consists of communication, collaboration and commitment to what you do. In addition, it is important to create engagement and to let employees spread their wings. My professional life has just begun but I realize how crucial it is to have an engaging and supporting manager that wants you to develop and grow. Luckily, I am spreading my wings on a daily basis J

Don’t be afraid to fly!





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