Team Week and meeting with our CEO Håkan Buskhe

Last week we were all meeting up in Sweden for our fifth team week together. It all started off in Stockholm for a day fully booked with interesting meetings and discussions. First of all we got the opportunity to sit down with our CEO Håkan Buskhe for an hour to discuss business within Saab and exciting challenges the future may offer. We also got the chance to ask Håkan questions about his personal view on leadership, what he believes is important to accomplish in order to achieve results and he shared his tips on how we can work with long term versus short term goals.

From the left: Emelie Håkansson, Anna Ahlström, Elisabeth Schröder, Victor Kohle, Håkan Buskhe, Stuart Angas, Johanna Nilsson, Johannes Schygge, Tanika Hogan, Ebba Nilsson, Suzanne Birch and Lena Eliasson.

We also met Saab’s HR director Lena Eliasson, who told us about how Saab is working with HR in a strategic and proactive manner. Head of Press Centre Sebastian Carlsson taught us how Saab’s press centre is working with media, and we ended the day in Stockholm by meeting legal councel Åke Falck who held a presentation about partnership relations. I think it was really interesting to hear what everyone had to say and it was fantastic to get the opportunity to meet our CEO Håkan Buskhe.

After a very exciting and inspiring day we all went off to the central station to catch a train and head to Malmö for educations and a delivery of our graduate task... Stay tuned for our next blog post, when my colleague Victor Kohle will tell you more about the reminder of the team week!