Tough questions for the graduate team this week

Hi, my name is Victor! I work with Product Management at Lead Systems Integration at Electronic Defence Systems, Airborne Surveillance Systems in Gothenburg.

During our latest team week we were at Kockums in Malmö to practice presentation techniques with Rebecca and Katarina, and also to present a business case for the marketing team that we in the graduate group have been working on the last four months.

We arrived on Monday evening to our hotel, and met Rebecca who is a psychologist and Katarina who is an actor, at Kockums on Tuesday morning. The coming two days were filled with exercising presentation techniques and training on how to present in an interesting and involving manner for the audience.

On Wednesday afternoon the group decided that the business case would be presented by me and my colleague Susanne. Later that evening we got an invitation from the top management team at Kockums to present our findings on Thursday morning. A brief panic ensued, and I rushed through the burger I was just served, and hurried back to the hotel, where everyone in the trainee group had assembled.

We practiced a few hours, until I was totally exhausted and went to bed.

The morning after we presented to the top management team, who found our business case truly interesting. In the late afternoon we had a presentation and a long discussion with the marketing team. We got some tough questions, but we could answer most of them.

On Friday morning we got the ‘Engineering Perspective’ with an insight of the construction process of a submarine, and a visit to Stirling to see the AIP-engines (air independent propulsion) used in Swedish submarines.

As an engineer this was absolutely the best team week so far!!

See you later!