All Roads Lead to Brussels (and Ylva)

Ylva was going spend some 8 weeks at our Saab office in Brussels, just a few blocks away from the EU Parliament. Elin was doing a rotation with the program management for Gripen when she suddenly realized that she should, of course, go and visit Ylva and learn more about the Gripen for the Belgium campaign. Over lunch, a couple of weeks ago, Björn was telling Elin how he was going to spend a few weeks in a couple of Saab office’s around Europe, to learn about work at Market Areas. Naturally, they though it was a great idea that they both met up with Ylva in Brussels to learn more about Gripen, marketing and the Brussels office.


All supervisors, bosses and receiving colleagues agreed and gave great suggestions to how we could spend our time while visiting the Brussels office; said and done, tickets were booked and tasks assigned. Writing this (Friday, March 31), Björn and Elin are wrapping up, preparing to leave Brussels for this time. It has been a great experience and our colleagues in Brussels have taught us everything from how Saab works with EU-related questions to how Saab plans to win the Belgium Air Combat Capability Successor Program.


Björn, Elin and Ylva after lunch at the EU Parliament