Meet the graduates

It’s a new year, with a new hungry and motivated graduate team! We are excited to share with you, glimpses of what an ordinary day at the office could look like for a Saab graduate. However, may we remind you that one of the beauties of a Graduate’s office, is that it stretches across continents and cover business areas and business applications that one could only dream of.

Now, let’s introduce the graduate team of 2016/2017

Starting from the left: Björn and Therése both work at the business area Aeronautics in Linköping, Björn at Marketing & Sales for Gripen, and Therése at Strategic Sourcing. Freddie is employed by Group Function Finance with his home base in Linköping as well. Eva is based at Saab’s headquarters in Alvik at Marketing & Sales for Air Traffic Management. Henrik works at Procurement within Dynamics, located in Karlskoga. Ylva is a systems engineer at Avionics Systems, located in Järfälla. Elin works as a project manager for Gripen Support within the business area Support & Services, located in Linköping. Mike is part of the Integrated Approach and Tower Suite (IATS) team at Saab Sensis, located in Syracuse, USA. Erik works with the Global Sourcing team at Surveillance, in Göteborg. WonHee works within Marketing & Sales for the market area Asia Pacific, in South Korea.

More information about the Business and Market areas that we work for can be found in the two links below.

(Björn Johansson, Therése Ottosson, Freddie Jigmalm, Eva Brynedal, Henrik Jern, Ylva Winsnes, Elin Hultin, Mike Chi, Erik Larsson, WonHee Lee)