Saab’s major media exposure in Korea

Recently, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) aired a documentary regarding anti-corruption in the defense industry in Korea. This 60 minutes-long documentary, Si-sa-gi-hwek-Chang (which translates to “Window on current affairs”), proposed Sweden as a role model for bench-marking measures to ensure zero corruption in the Korean defense industry. The documentary featured several Swedish organizations, including yours truly, Saab. 

The show started by revisiting past corruption scandals that took place in Korea in 2014. It examined potential points of misconduct, mistakes, and careless administrative measures which created numerous innocent victims. This includes the former Korean Navy Chief of Staff as well as small defense businesses who were framed and subsequently banned from doing business with the DAPA (Korean FMV).

Then, the documentary shifted its attention to Sweden where it featured interviews with the Swedish Defense Industry Association, the Ministry of Defense, FMV, SIPRI and Saab. It focused on the transparency measures implemented by the different levels of each organization and the foundational Swedish philosophy which drives it.

 As the Korean Saab graduate, I had the privilege of being involved in the making of this documentary. My main task was to accompany and assist the KBS team from day one during their time in Sweden. I provided support on simultaneous interpretations for their coverage, especially when they visited Dynamics and Aeronautics. At the end of the day, I tried my best to coordinate everything to go smoothly and make sure that there is absolutely no misunderstanding with the KBS team in terms of what Saab intends to portray about ourselves.

Overall, in my opinion, I believe the documentary did a great job of portraying Saab’s strong capabilities with our broad product portfolio, innovative technology and most importantly, our zero-tolerance policy for corruption. Moreover, I feel that through this major public media exposure, Saab has imprinted itself as a transparent and innovative global defense company to the Korean public.

On behalf of the MAAP Korea office, I would like to thank the Saab press center, and everyone from Dynamics and Aeronautics who were involved in this event for their tremendous support to make our Korean media exposure successful.