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Henrik Jern

In my rotation, I found myself at the production operations at our Dynamics business area -  home to an array of weapons systems. I found more than perfect calibrated machines and tools getting products ready to be delivered; the success is built on communication, craft and people who enjoy working with each other.

So I am Henrik Jern. I usually work with procurement at Saab Dynamics, and which is home to missile systems, torpedoes, ground combat weapons and the like.

I’ve just arranged and completed a rotation at our Dynamics production site at Björkborn, Karlskoga with the different production units there. I arranged this rotation because I wanted to see how the products are built and how the production units are set up. In addition, I sought to improve my understanding of the production chain, its different functions and how value is captured in each and every part.
So lets get started! It’s been one of the most memorable rotations I’ve have had so far!

I visited various functions, such as, goods receiving, production lines, workshops and warehouses.  participating in the different functions of the chain and seeing them from different perspectives, I quickly realised how important the handovers are; the understanding of what affect one’s actions have on the next function in a chain. Whether it is to inspect goods, store goods, assemble products or the final packaging of goods. When you get to be part of the different areas of an organisation and experience its procedures you realise how much is gained by clear and good communication as well as working proactively instead of reactively.

One major thing I have experienced besides being around different units, meeting enthusiastic people and getting an insight in their procedures, is how much people at Saab appreciate it as an employer, in terms of flexibility, how the company cares about its employees and their individual development among many other things. All these are characteristics I seek in an employer, together with stimulating tasks, which I now have found and I am proud to be a part of such company.
Last but not least, I would like to send a huge thanks again to everyone who showed me the different functions and took their time to share experiences and knowledge. The engagement and willingness to share experiences and time is not specific to the people I met in Björkborn, it is from what I have experienced a common behaviour across Saab. Let’s keep it like that!

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