8 things we did not expect to experience during the graduate year

The graduates of 18/19 are now ending their years and diving deep into their new roles all around Saab. However, before we hand over to the juniors, SGLP of 19/20, would we like to share one moment each from the year that we did not expect to experience. Trust us, it was not easy to pick.

The SGLP seniors of 18/19 and juniors of 19/20 during the last and first team week.

Adrian de Roos: Climbing into a submarine. I never thought that I would get the chance to see the inside of a submarine. Some of the Swedish submarines are being upgraded right now and are thus on land for some time, so I got the chance to climb into the narrow spaces of the sub. Here we’re really talking “compact living” and I would advise against anyone with claustrophobia to enter. However, I was so impressed by the state-of-the-art technology that goes into constructing and building these massive, yet delicate, vessels. I also remember myself being shocked by the sheer magnitude of the dock in Karlskrona where they are being built and maintained, it was truly beyond my imagination.  

Cajsa Rimås: Singing the national anthem together with The President and Vice President of the Republic of Colombia. One thing (amongst many of course) I did not expect to experience during the graduate year is during my rotation at Market Area South America where I got to visit the naval fair ColombiaMar in Cartagena, Colombia. There are so many perspectives to the work Saab do that might be hard to grasp as a new employee, the deeply political influences being one, which for sure this year has given me a great insight into. During the fair the President and Vice President of Colombia paid a visit and held a speech regarding the importance of the naval industry and Colombia’s future. I have to admit I had chills down my spine during the powerful moment when everyone in the room rose and together sang the national anthem with pride.

Jacob Börsholm: Going abroad for a long period. The graduate program has been the perfect start of my career at Saab and given me so many experiences from the different parts of Saab, both in Sweden and abroad. It’s difficult to say which experience was the most exciting or fun but my rotation at a Saab site outside Sweden was one of the most memorable experience from the graduate program. The rotation abroad gave me the opportunity to learn how to successfully navigate in the very different corporate culture and I got to know my colleagues better which I now after the graduate program work very closely with.  If I would summarize the graduate program I would have say fun, exciting and memorable.

Johanna Friis: Making friends across Saab – and the world. Besides exploring my own potential throughout this program, I have experienced what truly great collaborations are like – those that bring out the best in people and make use of their potential. I have made so many new friends – both across Saab, oceans, and even companies. People are at the core of any successful business, and I love getting to know new people by working with them. We all have different backgrounds, drives, and motivations. Understanding this is essential to being a good leader, and I am so happy that the program has allowed me to develop this ability even further. And of course, I am so very grateful for all new-found friendships. Pictured are me and a few of the friends I got to know whilst in Brazil on the event of the first flight of the Brazilian Gripen E.

Linda Waern: Attending a reception to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day at the Australian War Memorial. One experience in particular that stood out during my graduate year happened on the 6th of June during my rotation in Australia. The British High Commissioner, Her Excellency Mrs Vicki Treadell, invited Australia’s Head of Marketing & Sales with guests to an evening reception to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. The reception was held at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, which includes an extensive military museum. To be a part of such an event was something extraordinary and to meet the survivals that attended was a complete honor. I can safely say that I will never forget that evening.

Lukas Constantinou: Meeting our CEO in India. My graduate year has been filled with so many experiences I could not have imagined happening before I joined the program. However, one specific experience that comes to mind took place in Bangalore where I participated in Aero India with Saab this spring. I was standing by our outdoor-stand, busy talking to one of our Gripen pilots, when our (at the time) CEO walked up seemingly out of nowhere and greeted us. I was aware he would show up for some high-profiled meetings but figured he would be on a very tight schedule, so I was completely taken by surprise when he showed up and it was very fun to meet him.

Dominic DiFulvio: Finding a career mentor at the Swedish Ambassadors house in Washington D.C. Firstly, I never imagined I would be able to meet a public figure like the Swedish Ambassador, let alone get to attend a dinner party and meet and greet with numerous Swedish and US officials at the Swedish Ambassadors house in Washington D.C. During the dinner party, I was able to meet a man who works with the U.S. Government as a Cryptologist, and had a long conversation with him about what his career path was, how he developed, and his many fascinating stories about his encounters with others during his job. To be able to connect with someone like that, and have them extend a favor as being a career mentor to me was absolutely incredible, and a relationship I will continue to grow throughout my career.

Johanna Hallstedt: Seeing the production of so many cool products. During the year I have had the great opportunity to visit the production sites for many of Saab’s products, ranging from Gripen fighters and submarines, to radars, weapon systems and civil airframe components (just to mention a few). The width in products, history and knowledge within the company is something that has truly impressed me.

Thank you Saab, and everyone involved in this graduate program – we for sure had a blast and will keep this experience with us forever, and we are convinced that the new SGLP team will do a great job.

/SGLP team of 2018 - 2019