A rotation at Saab Ventures – Visiting Slush

It feels like November in Sweden 2018 has been the darkest month yet. Despite this, my mood was excellent one afternoon as I got a phone call from Saab Ventures, the spin-in and spin-off engine at Saab. I was soon going to visit Saab Ventures as one of my rotations and they asked if I wanted to join them and travel to Helsinki. Saab was going to visit SLUSH, a big event in Helsinki dedicated to start-ups. With over 20,000 attendees and 2,600 start-ups attending, Saab’s primary focus at SLUSH was scouting for potential collaborations.

It was definitely an incredible feeling, going in to the enormous venue knowing that I represent one of the biggest and most innovative companies on site. The venue was dark with colorful lights and smoke machines creating a youthful and mysterious atmosphere. Three big stages had different speakers, interviews and presentations constantly circulating, and start-ups as well as investors and big companies had their booths spread out over the floor. There were spontaneous gathering points, scheduled meetings and visitors in our booth.

Our team from Saab consisted of key individuals from different market and business areas, all with the goal to find new collaborations connected to their field. For me, since I am still quite new at Saab, these colleagues made all the difference. To stand and represent my company was a completely new experience and I knew that I had to watch and learn, fast. The support and encouragement I got from my colleagues was invaluable. I learned an immense amount about representing a company and I had a blast looking for start-ups to present to the rest of Saab when I returned home. I cannot wait until the next time I get a chance to do this again!

However, our work does not end here. The quest for innovation is a continuous work and we may never lose tempo. It is not something that ”just happens”. You need people who constantly seek new ideas and solutions, who are looking for change and innovation. Saab definitely has those people, but the world is changing fast and even the biggest companies must be on their toes, changing with it. This is why we always try to complement our own innovation with interesting collaborations outside of Saab. If you find yourself intrigued by our work I recommend you to apply to our Graduate program. I guarantee that you will have a blast!

Signing out for now,
Linda Waern