A “typical” day in the life of a Saab Graduate

I have just started writing this blog post and I realize I have already deceived you; there is of course no such thing as a typical day in the life of a Saab Graduate. During my time in the programme so far I have been at different business units every week, traveling across Sweden and the world meeting many of my amazing 17 000 colleagues.

However, I thought I would still attempt to identify and describe a typical, and at the same time non-typical, day in the life of a Saab Graduate. My name is Johanna, I am a Graduate from Group Finance in Stockholm and I will take you through a Thursday in September at Saab Defense & Security in Syracuse, US. Hang on, everybody!

06.30 – The alarm rings, I wake up happy and excited about another fantastic day! (Perhaps a bit romanticized since I am not really a morning person…)

08.00 – Coming into the office and connecting to a Skype meeting with Sweden. Since Syracuse is 6 hours behind Sweden, most cross-Atlantic meetings take place in the early morning here, i.e. late afternoon in Sweden.

09.00 – Learning about the rules and regulations on government procurement in the US. Understanding more about the responsibilities of a US defense contractor, and what is required in order to be compliant, is one of my main takeaways from here.

12.00 – Lunch time! There is a great selection of lunch places close to the office and on Thursdays, they even have a food truck in the parking lot! Today it is one serving delicious Mexican food.

15.00 – After spending a few hours in front of the computer with my Excel sheets, it is time for a coffee in the cafeteria, which has a large “Fika”-sign on the wall. Makes me feel right at home!

Syracuse and its surroundings are beautiful, especially in the fall!

17.00 – Heading to the gym for a Zumba session. There is really no better way to end a working day than working out to some good music.

20.00 – Returning home. After some dinner and TV I am heading straight to bed, already looking forward to tomorrow!

Keep reading this blog if you want to find out what more “typical” days you can have as a part of Saab’s Graduate Programme!

Until next time,