Everything is possible when you are a Saab Graduate

As a Saab Graduate, you get to experience many different things during the 14 months period. From visiting different countries, meeting the CEO, and participating in air shows, to getting to work with amazing people and exciting projects.

Saab Graduate Leadership Programme opens many doors for you and gives you many opportunities, you just have to be willing to accept the challenges and seize the opportunities fully.

My name is Yasmin and I have been part of Saab since September of 2017. I have always been fascinated with advanced aircrafts and therefore wanted to do a rotation in Aeronautics to learn about how we manage to develop, integrate and produce the Gripen. I divided my rotation into three parts. One in Tactical Systems where I learned about how we integrate the Surveillance systems in the Gripen, one in Production where I learned about the process of building the Gripen from scratch to delivery, and one in Flight Test where I learned about how we test the performance of the Gripen.

During the last week of my rotation I was told that I could have the opportunity to fly in a trainer aircraft SK60 if the weather was good enough the day after. I was very excited that night and worried at the same time that the weather would be bad as it was during the whole week. I woke up the morning after, went to the office and waited patiently to get to know if I was going to fly or not.

After an hour or so, I was contacted and told that the weather was good and that I was going to fly. I went right away and met the pilot, Richard, who showed me the flight route and told that we were going to fly for about an hour. Then I received some help to change into a pilot uniform and went to board the aircraft.



The pilot started with explaining to me all the safety checks while doing the steps and before I knew it, we were ready to go. The pilot started the engines, accelerated, and we took off. The sun was shining, the sky was clear and blue and the views were amazing. After a while, the pilot asked me if I wanted to try to do some turns and of course I said yes. I still remember how it felt to move the joystick and feel all the power and gravity while doing it. It felt amazing!

The thing that I was most excited about for this flight was to get to feel the higher G forces that you cannot experience in normal airplanes. The pilot was very kind and I was able to experience a couple of 4 G turns which was a very unique and amazing experience. My body felt heavier and heavier and I could barely lift my bare hands. I don’t know how the pilots manage to control the joystick when flying with high G forces! I have a huge respect for military pilots now and understand the physical and mental challenges that they face while flying jet fighters.

The kindness and the helpfulness of the pilot, Richard, and the people that I met that day was incredible which made my experience much better. I feel very happy and grateful that I was given the chance to do this and I will always remember this day.