When in Brazil: Carnival dancing and defence exhibitions

I have spent eight weeks in a completely new part of the world that I have never visited before, all by myself. It does not sound like an “ordinary out of the blue” thing to do when you put it in words like this, but I have to say that it has been one of the most remarkable things I have ever done.

I have traveled and studied abroad before, but it’s something different to do it when working, and especially in a country where most people don’t speak any English. According to me, you really have to push yourself further out of your comfort zone and put an effort to adapting to the culture and ways of working in the different places you visit. If you do so, I promise, you will not only learn more about the place and people you meet, but also about yourself.

Beautiful streets of Vila Madalena in São Paulo

I joined the Market Area Latin America, with its HQ in Sao Paulo Brazil with my main task to help with logistics and preparations for LAAD Expo, which is the largest defence exhibition in South America. And may I say: wow, wow, wow! This country, these people, this food – I mean the list goes on. I’ve been completely blown away by Brazil, never experienced anything like it.

This MA has offices in multiple locations and countries which they wanted me to gain the full experience of, so me and my little suitcase (you really become a master of packing light) traveled to all the locations. To give some examples, I visited Rio, Brasilia, Santiago de Chile, Cartagena and Bogotá in Colombia. A lot of my time I spent investigating the political and economic situations in the Latin American countries, which are some of the most important aspects when conducting business abroad.

I got to see so many amazing places and the chance to get to know incredible individuals who have showed me around and brought me on adventures. Something I did not know about Brazil when visiting the country during this time of year was that it was the Carnival season. I got to take part of something I never thought I ever would and I can’t wait for next time.

I am really happy that I will be going back to Latin America later this year, where you one day can be Carnival dancing and the next one be planning for the biggest defence exhibition in this part of the world. My advice to you, if you ever get the opportunity to do something completely new and different from what you are used to – do it! I would have to say, eight weeks later, I came home to Sweden with a new and broader way of viewing Saab and also myself, with a hunger to learn more.

Katrin, Pamina and me infront of the Gripen replica at LAAD in Rio

If you have any questions, what so ever, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Greetings from Cajsa Rimås