Home but not home

Camel or horse-riding, 45° C or 25° C, skyscrapers or wooden cabins. Vast differences in culture and geographical attributes – this is what gets me going. How can it vary so much from country to country? Or actually, let’s look at it from a different angle – how can it be so similar?

Having spent three months in United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taught me that even though working every day with 12 different nationalities 6000 km away from home, things are just not as different as I expected. We all enjoy similar social activities, have comparable ways of working and treat each other with the exact same respect as you’d expect elsewhere. What’s also incredible here is that the team itself is fairly new meaning that most are newly employed which brings a sense of understanding and supporting among each other, somewhat resembling the first period in university. Everyone has to draw their own straw in making the office the best place it can be, both socially and professionally.

What I feel is a strong feature of Saab outside of Sweden is the pristine caretaking for our employees which reminds me a lot of what’s expected when working at Saab in Sweden. Benefits, working conditions, social values and equality to name a few. Saab is also doing a fantastic job in making the core values (Trust, Expertise and Drive) prominent - it’s within every employee to be willing to learn, be driven, help each other and commit wholeheartedly, and Saabs supports this thoroughly.

It’s needless to say that I’ve enjoyed my time here more than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ve gotten an incredible insight in the complexity of our established UAE company and the various operations we are committed to. Also, there hasn’t been a weekend without fun activities, dinners or various kinds of events. Everything from diving (I’m a certified diver now yay), dune bashing in the desert and visiting Expo 2020 site to walking around in a miniaturized Gotham City in Warner Bros World.

Picture: the incredible and diverse team at Saab Ltd

My colleagues are telling me that I should experience UAE when it’s winter time because the temperature is more modest compared to the 40°+ I’ve had most days here. So I guess that gives me a good reason to come back one day. But for now, signing out!

All the best, Adrian de Roos