How Saab works with gender equality

To me, gender equality at a workplace is essential and I believe that it contributes to a more dynamic, innovative and profitable business. One thing that I like about Saab is that the company is truly committed to working with gender equality, seeing the benefits of having a diversified work force. Since this work is something that I see and hear about on a daily basis, from management or in conversations by the coffee machine, I would like to lift some of the ways in which Saab works with gender equality.

  • Goal of 30% female employees and 35% female managers in Sweden and 25% female employees and 30% female managers globally

In 2018, the percentage of female employees was 23.5% both in Sweden and globally. The share of female managers in Sweden was 28.5%, and 25.1% globally. This shows that there are still things to be done but that Saab is moving in the right direction.

I would say that the goal of increasing the number of female managers is the most visible one to me. I get the sense that female leadership is sought after and encouraged throughout the organization, which is starting to reflect in the management teams. As a young woman just starting my career, this is really inspiring!

  • “Champions” driving the issue in each business area

In each of Saab’s different business areas there is a person, or a “champion”, appointed to driving the issue of equality. This guarantees that there is always a focus on the matter!

  • Increasing the recruitment base

Saab participates in several projects aimed at increasing young females’ interest in technology. Two examples are Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGE-Day) and a yearly technology camp for young females called “Nördkollo”. In the long-term, these kinds of activities increase the recruitment base and makes it possible for Saab to reach their gender equality goals.

  • A female leadership network

Saab’s leadership network for women is called Athena and consists of members who are, have been or want to be leaders in the future. The aim is to encourage female leadership, support development and work as a source of inspiration. Some of us in the graduate group have already joined and are looking forward to our first event!

  • Female role model of the year

Each year, a jury within Saab selects a woman to be awarded with “Female role model of the year”. The purpose is to lift and draw attention to role models who inspire and encourage other women.

I am happy to work for a company that takes the question about gender equality seriously and what I like the most is that there is a genuine interest in talking about it. Everyone wants to work on this and are always open for discussions on how to do it. I am excited to seeing more female employees and leaders at Saab in the future! Maybe you are one of them?

All the best from Johanna