Let’s Go Fly

When I walked in the door of the T-X building in Linköping, the first thing I saw was the poster on the wall that read, “We’re the T-X Team, Let’s Go Fly!” I knew immediately this was something I wanted to be a part of, now and in the future. For only being in Linköping for 4 weeks, I felt right at home very quickly. The only difference was the site was 20 time as big as our facility at home.

Working with the T-X program management team was eye opening to say the least. This scale of a program is nothing like what I have seen before. From the daily status meetings with the engineering team leads, to interfacing with Boeing Program Management team, there was never a dull moment. I was happy to learn new processes, ways of working, and support the struggles the team was working to resolve. It was also nice to be a part of the meetings with Boeing, because they had to be in English. 

Being at the Linköping site almost felt like I was back on a college campus, with all the buildings spread out across the site. Naturally, almost every day, you could hear the roar of a Gripen going down the runway, taking off for testing.

Since my rotation was during the last part of March through the end of April, each day seemed to get warmer and have a little more sunshine. And you could bet, if the sun was outside, everyone was outside! Walking through the town square on a sunny day and seeing all the restaurants with chairs and seating outside, with loads of people just enjoying the day was always refreshing. Taking a walk on the weekends to explore Gamla Linköping and the Swedish Air Force Museum, Flygvapenmuseum, was always fun to do. A couple colleagues even invited me to play volleyball at Beach Arena, who knew Linköping could look so tropical!

Until my next adventure, Dominic