The Finale – The Graduate Programme of 2017/2018

It seems like a lifetime ago that the Graduates met for the first time in October 2017, but at the same time it feels like just moments ago. Time has come to sum up and reflect on our time in the program as the new junior Graduates are beginning to start their journey within the Saab Universe. We all set out with the desire to be able to further increase the collaboration between different offices within Saab, share Saab knowledge between all of the Saab units, and create a huge global Saab network and community.


All together we have travelled at least a few laps around the globe and from this have experienced and met hundreds of Saab employees stretching from Australia to the USA and many stops in between. Some of the other countries we have worked in are Indonesia, the Philippines, India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Belgium, France, England, Brazil, and of course Sweden.
Here are some memorable moments around the world shared by the graduates of 2017/2018:


Oskar Ahlstedt & Daniel Karlsson

Our strongest impression was working with our partner Tech Mahindra in Hyderabad, India. The cultural difference combined with our sensitive stomachs made a strong and life-long impression on both of us. The strong technology development ongoing at our site together with indigenous competence in India is a strong proof that Saab is a good collaborator and a good partner globally.



Maria Andersson, Henrik Jönsson, & Tom Lagerbäck Westblom

One of my high points during my year as a graduate was my first rotation abroad, when I was able to participate in our operations at Saab’s Market Area office in London. Together with my companions Tom and Henrik, we became involved in Saab’s business on the international market. Before my rotation, I could never have imagined how important this rotation would be for my understanding of how complex and politically influenced our business environment is and the importance to be aware of the cultural differences, political situation, and how political decisions are made in other countries. I'm so thankful for this year, for all the people I have met, and for all the places I have experienced – but for me, the most valuable outcome of the program is all my friends I got for a lifetime!

Maria Andersson, Henrik Jönsson, and Tom Lagerbäck Westblom 


South Africa

Tom Lagerbäck Westblom & Oscar Sjöberg

Working in South Africa was a great experience, both from a business and culture perspective. The rotation gave both of us valuable knowledge and insights about Saab being an international company with a growing export market. We also believe that SGD (Saab Grintek Defence) is a good example of how embracing local culture contributes to competitive advantage, which Peter Ducker expresses in the quote: “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  



Rachel Klink & Yasmin Chaoui El Kaid

Our rotations in Australia were both amazing and unique in their own ways. I was focused on the Maritime side of the business while Yasmin focused on the Civil Security side, both of which contained so much new information to learn about, new experiences, and amazing co-workers to enjoy! During our time in Australia we were able to play with kangaroos, visit a military base to see the Saab Land Giraffe radars, and Yasmin even visited Grafton to see Australia’s largest prison under construction. I was able to participate in the Subs in Schools program to help mentor young girls and encourage more STEM involvement during high school! It was an amazing opportunity to see how Saab operates on the complete other side of the world.

Saab Australia employees with Rachel and Yasmin in front of the Australia Land Giraffe. 


United States of America

Viktor Lundström

Getting the opportunity to work for two months at our US office was definitely a great experience. Entering the office for the first time was interesting, as you feel at home instantly even though there are cultural differences and some different ways of working. Since the growth is very high in the US, the mentality is very energetic and entrepreneurial which I believe is of great benefit for all of Saab now and in the future. I am looking forward to following along during our international expansion.

SGLP 17-18 with SDAS Sensor Systems’ General Manager, Jay Abendroth in Syracuse, NY. 


Thank you for following along with our journey! It has been great to be able to share it and we can’t wait to see what the next group will do during their year!
//SGLP 17-18