Travelling is great, time differences not so much…

Even though Saab is a small company compared to some of the other players in the defense industry, looking at our footprint, Saab is indeed a global company. We have local offices in more than 30 countries spread out over all continents, except for Antarctica of course. For me, this program allowed me to travel to countries in four of the seven continents.

Me in front of Australia’s Parliament House, located in Canberra

I recently got back home after six fantastic weeks traveling from Gothenburg to USA, Singapore and Australia. It was a fantastic experience and I met wonderful people from all parts of the world. I am really amazed by how incredibly helpful and friendly the Saab colleagues are all around the world and I am forever grateful for their welcoming ways. I was able to join in on meetings and events that I never thought I would take part of and I have learned a lot about our businesses and especially about our work with marketing and sales.

I must however admit that the intense travels across the continents was tough as the time differences can be quite big. As always (for me), the first flight is not so difficult, but eventually it gets to you. I realized while travelling that I had completely overlooked the issue with time differences, not only while travelling but also during collaborations with “normal work”.

Meeting a family of kangaroos, a ‘must do’ when in Australia

In Saab, when we collaborate with sites outside of our home department, the time differences can be huge and therefore affect our work efficiency. When I was in USA, there was only a 3h overlap in the morning where I could talk to my colleagues in Sweden, and when I was in Australia, I had approximately 1,5h in the afternoon to talk to Sweden. It is even worse of course between Australia and USA with the time difference being for example 13,5h between our offices in Adelaide and Syracuse. In that case, there is really no time they can talk during regular office hours.

Of course this is worked around with flexible working hours and different media to communicate (mail is the absolute life savior), but I think that time differences is something that will always make travelling the preferred choice when collaborating. Since I love travelling, I will just have to hope they send me!

All the best, Linda