Why Saab and why defence?

As a graduate looking for a job in Sweden, the opportunities to work for cool, unique companies are abundant. Swedes are known for being both innovative and entrepreneurial, which is reflected in the rather large amount of globally successful companies that have their origins in our lovely, cold country. So why would you as a graduate choose Saab? Here is why I did!

First of all, I have to say that the broad product offering that Saab has and its high level of technology is impressive for being such a small company in comparison to many of its competitors. There is also a large focus on innovation and development (for example, 23 % of sales was invested in Research & Development in 2018). Working in this kind of environment was something that appealed to me when I applied for the programme, and after six months here I can say that it is truly inspiring, even for someone working within Finance like myself!

Talking about Saab’s products and the industry in which they operate, I believe it is important to mention my take on what it is like to work in the defence industry. But before I go into that, I think it is worth noticing that Saab also has a large portfolio of civil products and services (you can read more about these at saab.com).

I feel proud to work at Saab because their products, systems and services provide safety and security to the society that I am a part of. “It is a human right to feel safe” is Saab’s vision and in today’s uncertain and turbulent world, I believe that Saab’s products are necessary in order for me, and others, to feel safe. The feeling that I, as a Saab employee, can contribute to society in this way makes me glad to go to work every day. Of course, it is important to understand that these products can also be used in times of conflict and I would say that the awareness of this fact is high in the company. Saab is a responsible company with high ethical standards, something that makes me confident in working here.

Finally, I think the greatest reason that I chose to work for Saab is the amazing people that work here. I have had the warmest welcome at my home department and at my different rotations across the company, meeting some of the most knowledgeable and nice people I have ever met. The work culture is great, with a healthy work-life balance and an encouraging atmosphere.

Please contact me, or any of my fellow graduates, if you want to know more about what made us choose Saab. Why they chose us, I leave for someone else to answer!

Best, Johanna

By the way, you should check out this video, which I think highlights my main points regarding Saab, defence and safety.