A whole new experience

The world is in turmoil right now due to the situation with the new virus, Covid-19. This has thrown the world into uncertain times and much confusion. There is no doubt that this is affecting everyone in one way or another. But I hope that people try to see the positive that still exists amongst us.

We, as the graduate group, are adapting pretty fast to the situation. All of us have had to make quick changes in our plans within the programme, many have had their international rotations canceled for one example, but there are lessons to be learnt from this too. A few lessons we gained from the situation for example are, to build the capability to adapt, to change and to continue to push forward. The program continues and therefore we must too. This will not be the first and only time we will face obstacles in our careers at Saab. For me, I have had to scrap my entire plan for this spring and early summer, where I had planned to go to Singapore, India, Columbia and Chile.

Each graduate in the program has their own setup when it comes to rotations, and for me, I had one week in September where I worked at my home department and then I was off to other places and departments. A big strategy in my program has been to learn as much as possible outside my position and department, to get considerable width in my experiences for the future.

@ Saab OPG, The Edge, Stockholm@ Saab HQ, The Edge, Stockholm, during our first graduate weeks

What am I doing now then, you may think? Currently, I am not on any rotation, but I am spending my time at my home department, Gripen Marketing and Sales in Linköping. It has been a great opportunity for me to get to know my colleges better and involve myself in different projects and tasks. I have had the time to learn more about our strategies, ways of working, business cases and much more. But most importantly, I have the time to work with marketing and sales assignments, which I enjoy very much! I like the opportunity of being with my home department and I am really looking forward to work in my department full-time once I have finished the program.

I must say that I feel fortunate that I have the chance to be here at Saab and be a part of Saab’s Graduate Leadership program. The possibilities are endless; and good and hard work will be rewarded.

Stay safe and adapt !