Dynamic world, me and Saab Dynamics

Imagine yourself a mountain climber, having the opportunity to climb the coolest mountain you can think of. Standing at the foot of a mountain and looking up, it is rather steep. A thrill of excitement is running down your spine, looking forward to get going. You have prepared for a long time; you are feeling eager and strong. You climb, happily taking in the surroundings. 

Then dark clouds are gathering and a potential storm is coming, you know you not have the right prerequisites to be there in a storm. You realize there is no choice but to turn around. On your way down you feel disappointed, deprived the experience and even a little angry. Once down and home again you feel relieved and starting embracing the familiarity. You can look back and think of what you learned.

View from the top of Herzogstand over Walchensee, Kochel, Germany

That was a dramatized illustration of what it was like for me to cancel my abroad rotation after one third because of the situation with the new virus, Covid-19. As my wise colleague said in the previous blog post, “There is no doubt that this is affecting everyone in one way or another”. This was one way of how it affects me.

So what did I learn from having to turn back halfway up the mountain? That coping with adversity is incredibly important. That allowing yourself to be disappointed for a while, when it did not turn out as you intended is important. That then reloading and focusing your energy on something constructive is important.
I am back in the office at Saab Dynamics today. Happy to have the opportunity to work with something I find very interesting. Happy to have helpful colleagues. I am ready to roll up the sleeves and take on the next delivery in our project. One career advice which I received from a senior colleague and that I would like to share with you is “Dig where you are and opportunities will come”. My interpretation of that is – you need to deliver on your commitments, perform where you are and from that, new opportunities will open up.
Now, it is up to all of us to dig, show character. To show humility to our fellow human beings, to show determination for finding new solutions.

Take care of yourselves out there!