From the sky to the ground

Next stop: Training and Simulation, Husqvarna, Sweden. This rotation I got the opportunity to spend 3 weeks with completely different products and sales team. T&S (Training and Simulation) is a unique business in Saab where they develop training equipment in all forms for armies all around the world, from gear that the soldiers wear to vehicles and buildings.

During my time at T&S Marketing & Sales department, I worked with all their teams and went in depth into their business. The different teams were very kind and gave me insights on how they work with their clients around the world. I was taught the history and background of how some of the partnerships emerged from decades ago. The more I learnt, the more curious I got and it is fascinating to me that Saab has had such a strong impact on the industry since then and managed to keep that position until today. I believe that Saab’s success today comes from not forgetting about our past and keeping a close relationship with our main customers that we have been working with to this day.  

T&S have developed a state of the art training system that is the most advanced on the market. We are able to simulate any kind of environment from training in the sky to training on ground. The so called BT46 system is unique in the way that armies who have implemented the system can train with other nations. When armies do collaborations, they can meet at locations, bring their equipment and connect with each other’s system without any problems. The equipment helps armies to train and simulate all kinds of scenarios and environments and save money on live ammunition.  

At T&S, I have gained more knowledge about what it means to do export deals. It is fun and interesting but can be messy and complicated at the same time. I learned a lot more about government-to-government and business-to-government deals. Now I will be back in my home department at Aeronautics for a couple weeks before heading on to my next rotation.  

If you have not visited Husqvarna and Jönköping yet, I can only recommend you to do so. They are two beautiful towns with a lot to offer, a great water scenery by Vätern and many good seafood restaurants.


Take care,