A postcard from Slush

Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit one of the coolest technology fairs I have ever been to. It is called Slush, is located in Helsinki, Finland, and is one of the major start-up fairs in Europe. Only this year around 25 000 people have been visiting or exhibiting at the fair.  

The atmosphere at Slush is completely different from any other fairs I have attended. Instead of very bright big halls with booths in spotlights, it was rather like a nightclub with very dimmed lighting, dark walls and many neon lights. At the opening ceremony on the first day, it truly felt like I was visiting a nightclub with a full-blown DJ gig, with sound system and lightshow. At one part of the fair, called “The Secret Garden” there even was a waterfall, and very typical for Finland they even had a “Sauna Village” at the fair (which I unfortunately did not have time to visit).

The secret Garden with waterfalls

The fair was full of innovations and cool technology. The entrepreneurs were eager to show their innovations with demos, discussions and presentations. A wide spectrum of different technology fields represented, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as advanced materials. Another interesting experience were the many presentations on stage where people from several areas were telling their story, perspectives on business or the latest technology.

I also had the opportunity to participate in “match making” meetings where start-up companies had the chance to have a meeting with Saab representatives for investments or collaborations. Those meetings were very interesting and I learnt a lot. It is fascinating to see what solutions people brought to the fair and how many possibilities there are to integrate them into the Saab business.

I was there along with several representatives from Saab. The others came from various areas and had different backgrounds. This was interesting because, as a result, we all had different perspectives on the things we saw at the fair. The other representatives were very helpful and friendly which made the trip very enjoyable and a memory for life.

If you ever have the chance of going to Slush, my only advice will be: GO!

Over and Out!