The Perks of Sports

We are built to move because it has been vital for us historically. Our ancestors were exposed to significant threats and their ability to move was essential for them to survive. Studies state that our brains work better if we move, which also gets us more creative and focused.

With this in mind, a few of the graduates set out to play padel. Some of us had never played the sport before and therefore we had low expectations. However, the magic with padel is the ease to play it. What we did not expect was how it also creates a strong sense of team belonging. Padel is a great way to exercise but also to socialize and to build relationships. One of the key aspects is that you experience both success and failure together as a team, which creates a greater bond.
From left to right: Niklas, Daniel, Anders and Robin 
During our first team week we decided upon two people being responsible for the exercise during that week, Niklas and Daniel. Together they planned two activities for the entire group, the first one was a hike to round off the second day’s tight schedule, for everyone to get some fresh air and also get to see some more of the town Nyköping. The second one was a gym session for all the early birds, with impressively high attendance given the early hour! Niklas, aka the coach, guided us through a sweaty circuit workout and I think all of us can agree that it was a lot of fun!
Sports facility at Saab Järfälla, Sweden   
Also on the workout theme, Saab offers several on-site training facilities, for example at the Järfälla site. We have a well-equipped gym with a variety of weights, machines, treadmills, cross-trainers and etc. There is also a spinning room and a gymnasium with instructor-led workouts for everything from yoga and spinning to strength training. The gymnasium is also open for bookings for whenever you feel like gathering a group of colleagues to play floor ball, badminton, boxing or something completely different. Personally I think it is extremely valuable to have these kind of training possibilities at work, making it so easily accessible, because you know, the best workout is the one you didn’t skip!
Sports facility at Saab Järfälla, Sweden  
Daniel (with the white shoes) & Ulrika