Your workplace is my business

Saab's property function administers about 1 000 000 m² and that’s only in Sweden. Our workplace is basically the whole world. We go where Saab needs us, which means North and South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Outside of Sweden we have more than 160 sites on 80 different locations.

This fact played a definitive part for me applying for the Saab graduate leadership program. I wanted to challenge myself and work in interesting projects worldwide. Most of us have their international assignments starting in the middle of the program but for me this opportunity came earlier than expected.

In October 2019, I was assigned the task to project lead the closing of the Nairobi, Kenya office. By November 29th the office had to be emptied and returned to the landlord. Everybody involved had to act quickly. Together with the regional property director and the Support & Service management, a trip to Nairobi was planned. After the initial planning, many things happened very quickly. Checklists and processes had to be concluded and approved, training had to be completed and vaccinations taken and not that much later I found myself on a flight to Kenya.

Together with the local office manager we managed to successfully: coordinate and document the closing on time, negotiate and produce written agreements with the property owner, the new tenant and local providers, we terminated sensitive material, moved, and archived it according to Saab policy and the local law. Last but not least, we produced a final report with all necessary information/evidence.  

An important lesson I learned was that communication is crucial and shall never be taken too lightly. This is in particular important when you communicate with people from different cultures, who might have different goals than you.


The office space after I did my job

Your Contract Manager,