Adrian De Roos

Job title: Project Manager, Airborne Surveillance

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Education: M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering and Product Development


Short Personal Summary

Adrian is employed as a Project Manager in Airborne Surveillance, BA Surveillance in Gothenburg. He graduated spring 2018 from Chalmers University of Technology, majoring Mechanical Engineering and holds a master in Product Development. He had an ERASMUS exchange at PoliTO (Engineering and Management) in Turin, Italy and conducted his Master’s Thesis in Process Management (Agile methods in HW development) at Hilti in Liechtenstein. During school he was active as a recruiter for Chalmers and as Member of the Board in Chalmers Business Society. For leisure, he enjoy spending quality time with his racer bike and doing other types of sports (running, gym, skiing, bouldering…). One of his biggest passion is traveling, with the most memorable trip being the time he was 6 months in Japan and SE Asia. Other than that, he really enjoys having a good IPA with friends.


Why did you apply to the graduate programme?

I really like the idea of the programme that we get a broad understanding of the organization with rotations and engagement in a wide variety of the company’s functions. Saab is a big company with lots of international exposure and thus possibilities to engage with different cultures.


What is it like to work at Saab?

I like that people at Saab are very open to share knowledge and keen to take their time to help each other and Saab values a work/life balance on all levels which in turn provides a good atmosphere. The industry Saab is operating in is quite different from many others in terms of markets, customers and the sheer size of product orders where everything has to be handled with high degree of secrecy. Additionally, being an engineer, I find Saab’s portfolio of incredibly complex  products to be really attractive to work with.


To whom would you recommend the program?

Anyone who wants to work with cool products, wants to get a holistic view of a large Swedish company and wants to get international experience. Additionally, it’s for you who wants to accelerate quickly in your career and is ready to take on fun and challenging tasks from day one.


Has your image of Saab changed during the program?

Yes. It’s larger and more varying than I thought. The number of products covers a such a wide spectrum of applications, and not just within defense.


Do you have any tips for someone who is interested in applying to the graduate program?

Get in contact with some of the previous graduates to get an idea of what the program implies and how the application process is established. It’s also good to have a look at the products we are currently working with.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?

Yes! Contact me on LinkedIn at