Daniel Friman

Job title: Business Controller, Group Finance
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Education: Master in Business Administration


Short personal summary

Daniel is from Stockholm and got his Master in Business Administration from Stockholm Business School. Additionally, Daniel has experience from several global companies within finance and accounting. Currently, he is employed in Group Finance in Stockholm but he will work as a business controller in one of Saab’s business units by the end of the program. Outside of work, Daniel enjoys exercising as well as spending time outdoors, preferably combined.


Why did you apply to the graduate programme?

I applied to the program since it is a great way into the company as well as to get a holistic view of Saab and different parts of finance. I liked the idea of gaining an understanding of how different divisions within the company work and interact. Further, the international experience interested me since it involved visiting different Saab sites around the world. The fact that Saab is a disruptive company with continuing growth and globalization was something that attracted me.

What is it like to be a graduate at Saab?

So far, it has exceeded my expectations. By being able to see many different parts of the organization, from production to finance, it makes the business more tangible and it provides a clear purpose. Further, it has been interesting to see different aspects of the organization where I have been able to work closely with top managers but also understand the smaller but vital parts of the organization. Additionally, it is great to have other graduates you work and travel with and it is beneficial to conduct challenges together as a group.


What have you gained from participating in the graduate programme?

I have gained a comprehensive understanding of Saab and learned about different roles and opportunities within the company. The program has enabled me to take a lot of responsibility and pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which has been valuable. Further, the program allowed me to gain a large global network, which I feel is beneficial for the future at Saab.  


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?

Of course! You can contact me through my LinkedIn or email me at daniel.friman@saabgroup.com