Dominic DiFulvio

Job title: Program Manager, Surface Radar Solutions

Location: Syracuse, NY, USA

Education: B.Sc. Aerospace Engineering


Short Personal Summary

Dominic graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017 with a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Engineering Mechanics. He started his career at Saab Sensis Corporation, Syracuse, NY in 2017 as an Integration and Test Engineer. Once accepted into the Saab Graduate Leadership Program, Dominic was transferred to the Sensor Systems division of Saab Defense and Security, Syracuse, NY in 2018, and is currently training to become a Program Manager. Upon his transfer, Dominic has been assisting in the management of the Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar program. Outside work, Dominic enjoys water skiing, windsurfing, hiking, travelling, and is currently training to become an American Ninja Warrior. Following his retirement from the sport of gymnastics after his collegiate career, Dominic also coaches gymnastics to help other young, aspiring gymnasts reach their goals.


Why did you apply to the graduate program?

I had always had ambitions to couple my engineering skills with a leadership role, however I assumed that would take years of experience and additional schooling with a Business Administration master's degree. This program offered an opportunity that not only allowed me to move into a leadership position, but also enable me to see parts of the world I never imagined, and create a large network of incredible people. Since I do plan to go back to school for an MBA, this program gives me a new perspective and great foundation for my future career, making me a stronger candidate when applying for a master's degree.


Are your rotation schedule and abroad rotations determined by your manager?

The amazing part of this graduate program is that you have the ability to plan your rotations with the input from your manager. Since this program will create an incredible network of people for your future and shape you into a future leader, it is important that you give your input to your manager as to what business areas and what roles for your rotations you think would help your development for your future position the most. This will help you and your manager to determine the rotations that will best fit you and your development in areas of interest.


Can you tell us more about your assignments abroad?

I have just completed my first rotation abroad in Gothenburg, Sweden, working as a project manager with the Giraffe AMB product. Being immersed in the Swedish culture for 5 weeks was an incredible experience. Being able to see our product that is being built and tested was definitely a bonus, as well as meeting the people who I have only previously been able to talk to over the phone or skype made it easier to communicate and work with them and continue to grow my network. The other rotations I have planned will be 4 weeks in Linköping, Sweden working as a program manager for the TX program, and an 8 week rotation in Gothenburg, Sweden working with Corporate Strategy.


What is it like to work at Saab?

For me, working at Saab provides me an opportunity to gain knowledge and develop myself not only technically, but also as a leader. The work culture at Saab is supportive of individual growth and development, and also there are a wide range of career possibilities. With the knowledge that my fellow colleagues bring every day, it motivates me to push my limits and keep and challenge myself as much as I can.


What has been the most memorable experience so far?

I am torn between the first team week when the whole team was together, and kickboxing with my teammates Johanna Hallstedt and Adrian De Roos during my time in Gothenburg. All I have to say is don’t mess with Adrian or Johanna.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?

Of course! You can find me on LinkedIn: