Jacob Shearer

Job title: Combat Systems Engineer
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Education: B.Eng (Electrical & Electronic)/ B.Sc (Physics) and B.Math & Comp.Sci


Short personal summary

Jacob joined Saab in January 2017 and has undertaken rotations working in a Maritime Modelling and Analysis team, as a System Engineer for Civil Solutions, and most recently as a Safety Engineer for Maritime. Prior to this he studied at the University of Adelaide, graduating at the end of 2016 with a B.Eng/B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Physics and a B.MCS in Pure and Applied Mathematics. During his study he spent a year and a half on exchange in Japan, studying at the University of Tokyo. While an undergraduate he spent time working at RIKEN, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Australia’s Defence Science and Technology group and the Australian National University. Away from the office, Jacob will always make time to read a book.

Why did you apply to the Saab Graduate Leadership program?
I joined Saab in January 2017 after graduating from university and participated in Saab Australia’s internal induction and rotation program for the two years. This was an immensely enjoyable and valuable experience and so of course I jumped at the opportunity to “expand scope” from Saab Australia to the global Saab organisation and to focus even closer on my professional and personal development. I am so excited to explore all of the amazing things Saab is doing around the world.

What is the most surprising thing that you have learnt at Saab?
It is amazing how many different products Saab makes. I am constantly surprised by meeting someone new or hearing about a project that someone is working on and learning about new and interesting problems that Saab solves. Did you know that Saab has a telecom network design capability?

To whom would you recommend the program?
I think it’s easy to think of a graduate program like this as primarily for “traditional business types” but it’s important not to discount yourself just because you don’t think you fit this template. A lot of the value of the program is in developing a broader understanding of the organization and its business but that value is not limited to just people with, say, a finance or legal background. If you have a technical background and an interest in understanding the business happening around you, not just the problem in front of you, then you can bring a lot of value to Saab and should really consider applying.

Can we contact you if we have any additional questions?
I’m definitely happy to answer questions anyone may have! I don’t have a LinkedIn account for you to find me yet but watch this space (or send a question on through one of the other graduates).