Linda Waern

Job title: Commercial Manager, Surveillance

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Education: M.Sc. Innovation and Industrial Management


Short personal summary

Linda is employed as a Commercial manager at Surface Radar Solutions in Gothenburg. She holds a M.Sc. in Innovation and Industrial Management from School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. During her studies, she went on two exchange semesters. The first to France, where she studied French culture and business, and the second semester to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she mainly studied innovation management. Besides work, Linda has a passion for training, horses and motorsport. However, nowadays you will most likely find her at the gym.


Why did you apply to the graduate program?

Saab as a company and the products they produce has always fascinated me, and to apply to their Graduate program seemed to be the perfect way to explore and experience the whole company tailored to my own interests. The opportunity to develop and focus on my leadership skills throughout the program was yet another reason to apply.


What is it like to be a graduate at Saab?

Being a Graduate at Saab means that no day is the same as the previous. You get a unique opportunity to meet new people and be a part of so many different projects and sites at Saab. One week you are working as a project manager, then as a controller, and the next you are running around in production. Only your imagination can stop you!


To whom would you recommend the program?

I would recommend it to anyone curious about what we do here at Saab. To thrive as a Graduate here you have to be driven and excited to learn new things. The program is an exceptional platform for you to learn and grow from at the same time as you have to take responsibility for your own development. The program will challenge you and it will without doubt make sure that you constantly step out of your comfort zone. Are you ready for the challenge? Then I urge you to apply!


Is the program what you expected it to be like? Why or why not?

The program definitely exceeded my expectations. It holds an extremely high level where you get both freedom and support to custom sow your own program. I can guarantee that your learning curve will be exponential.   


What has been the most memorable experience so far?

It is hard to pick one. For example, to follow Saab Ventures to Slush, a big event for start-ups in Helsinki was extremely fun. We went there to scout for new innovative companies to bring in to Saab.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?

Absolutely! You can contact me on LinkedIn or email me at