Sweden is an important recruitment base for Saab, yet there is a scarcity of engineers and engineering is a traditionally male-dominated career. How do we fix that? One way is for companies to help get more young girls interested in engineering. IGEday is part of that effort.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering day, or IGEday, is an initiative to increase interest in technology and engineering amongst girls in Sweden. As an active sponsor we're one of many companies opening its doors to girls aged 12-19 on 18 March 2018 (IGEday) giving them the chance to come and find out what it means to be a modern-day engineer. 


You can sign-up here and learn more about IGEday:

Why an IGEday?

Forecasts show a scarcity of technicians and engineers in the coming years, and they are critical to Swedish industry. Whilst engineering offers a world of possibilities, research also shows the number of females in engineering roles is low.

To counter this, IGEday seeks to inspire more girls into engineering. It offers young women an opportunity to understand the work done by engineers, allow them to meet and coordinate with female engineers and, hopefully, provide them with ideas and role models for a future technical career.

Who organises IGEday? How is Saab involved?

The event is arranged by the organisation Womengineer, which works towards increasing the number of females enrolled in engineering courses.

We’ve sponsored IGEday from the get-go and every year we take in 100+ girls at sites across Sweden. We offer girls the chance to see our operations, our products, and the people behind them as well as test programs and participate in workshops for example.

The idea is naturally to meet and be inspired by Saab engineers who are passionate about their awesome jobs! We hope to be able to demonstrate our love for technology and innovation, and we hope to inspire them to pursue these possibilities.