Daniel Karlsson

Job title: Strategic Planner, Operations Management, Aeronautics
Location: Linköping, Sweden
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management, Strategic Business Development


Short personal summary
I am stationed at the Operation Management Office within Aeronautics in Linköping with a focus on Strategic Planning. I hold a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management with a specialization on Innovation and Strategic Business Development from Luleå University of Technology. During 2015, I spent an exchange semester at Ajou University in South Korea and before I studied at the university I spent 1,5 years travelling the world. Directly after highschool I did compulsory military service and worked as Vice President in the Council of Conscripts in Sweden for 1,5 years. Outside of work I enjoy spending time in the gym, snowboarding and travelling.


Why did you apply to the graduate programme?
I applied for the Saab Graduate Leadership program because I have a big interest in the defense and security industry. Adding to this complex and advanced technology that Saab’s products withhold really attracts me. I believe also that the graduate leadership program would give me a great start in my career, which it most certainly is!


How do you think Saab’s graduate programme differs from other companies’ trainee programmes?
I think the graduate program is a great derivative of Saabs core values; Trust, Expertise and Drive, which circumses the role a big deal during the 14 month period. Trust, in the way that Saab entrusts you to take care of your own development and during the program you have to value this trust highly. In order to succeed in the program your level of drive sets the standard of how high you will reach with gaining knowledge and network all around Saab and finally gaining that expert view of the organization. I think how our core values really drives the program differentiates us.


Do you have any tips for someone who is interested in applying to the graduate programme?
My recommendation for people interested in program is to think hard about our vision “It is a human right to feel safe” because here it is all about pushing the bounderies to reach that vision. That, and to have a great deal of technical interest and a curiousity about leadership and developing people; this will do the trick to get accepted and also to do a great job at Saab in the future.


To whom would you recommend the programme?
I would recommend the Saab Graduate Leadership Program to students and young professionals who have a great potential to get the job done. This means that you are highly performance oriented and have a proven track record of delivering.


What has been the most memorable experience so far?
My greatest memory so far is when I followed the Gripen production line for a month. I was able to follow the journey all the way from sheet metal processing to final motor test. Experiencing and seeing this highly complex product take form was truly an unforgettable experience.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?
Yes of course, easiest access is probably through LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/danielkarlsson90 or Daniel.karlsson3@saabgroup.com