Elin Hultin

Job title: Project Manager, Support and Services

Location: Linköping, Sweden

Education: M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Engineering


Short Personal Summary

Elin is currently employed by the project office in the business unit Gripen Support, which is part of the business area Support and Services. Stationed in Linköping, Sweden she has returned to the city where she grew up after almost a decade away conducting military service, serving in Afghanistan and studying. Outside of work, Elin likes to work out; a while back she took up climbing and a few times a week she attends the gym with the occasional run every now and then. Pushing her limits and acquiring new experiences is something she loves doing as she has a great interest in self-improvement, both in herself and in others. Harassing all her friends into watching Top Gun with her might not count as helping others with self-improvement but is something she does nonetheless!


Why did you apply to the graduate programme?

I was very attracted to the idea of getting to know a company as a whole without having to wait 10-15 years. I’m interested in the bigger picture, and to understand the bigger picture I need to understand the company and the environment in which it operates. I figured a graduate programme would allow me to do so and to learn from lots and lots of experienced and brilliant people in the process (and it has!).

What made me apply specifically to Saab’s graduate programme was not because it was a large company with great opportunities to try different things and to work abroad; those were just hygiene factors. Instead, what made me apply was my perception of Saab as a company that encourages a healthy work-life balance; where people rather apologizes than brag about a couple of long-hour work days and where parental leave and part-time employment are not only allowed but supported as a matter of fact.


To whom would you recommend the programme?

I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in growing within Saab, that wants to learn a lot in a short amount of time and that wants to have a great time doing it. How much you learn and how much fun you have is up to you, because having the right mind-set makes a world of difference. If I would list three characteristics/personality traits that I think is positive to possess in order to make the most of the graduate year it would be:

  • Humble and open to learn from others
  • Take responsibility for one’s own development
  • Team spirit, work with people toward common goals

What is it like to work at Saab?

For me, working at Saab is a series of getting the best from different worlds: you get the military connection yet get to work at a private and profit-seeking company; you get the opportunities of a wide range of talent programmes and career possibilities yet great opportunities for flexible work-hours to fit your personal life and you get the heritage of spectacular focus on technical innovations complemented with a contemporary transformation to ensure diversity in employees and managers.


What is the most surprising thing you have learned about Saab?

How broad Saab’s product portfolio really is! I knew about Gripen, Saab 340/2000, the T-X programme, airborne ISR and that we had acquired Bofors and Kockums, so I thought I had a pretty good idea. But I had no idea that we also do field hospitals, remote towers for air traffic control, signature-management camouflage, anti-mine underwater systems, communication solutions, helicopter maintenance and much, much more.


What has been the most memorable experience so far?

Being a true Top-Gun fan, it must have been when we rode out into the Nevada desert to Nellis Air Force Base and attended an industry trade show. We displayed parts of our huge product portfolio and mingled with everyone from fighter-jet pilots to 2-star generals. That was a good couple of days at the office.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?

Absolutely! You can find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elin-hultin-78183843.