Freddie Jigmalm

Job title: Contract manager, Property at Group Finance

Location: Linköping, Sweden

Education: B.Sc in Finance and a B.Sc in Real Estate


Short personal summary

Freddie is employed by Group function finance at Saab and is working with contract management within the property section. He holds a B.Sc. in business administration with a major in finance from Lund University and a B.Sc. in Real Estate Science from Malmö University. In the last year and a half before starting in the Saab Graduate programme, he worked with property analysis and valuation in the Öresund area. Sports and training in general has always been a big interest for him. Through Ice-hockey, which is perhaps Freddie’s biggest interest, he has been able to play and live in different countries such as New Zeeland, Norway and compete in tournaments around Europe. His long experience in sports has contributed to a large interest in leadership, management and teamwork.


Why did you apply to the graduate programme?

I saw an opportunity to improve myself both on a personal and professional level when it comes to leadership. What also attracted me was the international part of the program where you get the opportunity to visit not only our sites and operations in Sweden, but also abroad.


How do you think Saab’s graduate programme differs from other companies’ trainee programmes?

I think Saab’s graduate program differs when it comes to planning and structure. In this programme you get a great opportunity to, together with your line manager, form and plan what you think is necessary and good for your own development but also for the department you are going to work with after the program. What I also think differs is the major emphasis on leadership and the international part of the program.

 What is the most surprising thing you have learned about Saab?

The most surprising thing is that the product portfolio is so much larger than I could ever imagined (around 600 products!).  Another thing that surprised me was that Saab operates in so many different countries. We have a local presence in 34 countries and customers in 100 countries worldwide.


Can you tell us more about your assignments abroad?

So far I have had the opportunity to work in two projects with connections abroad. The first one was in our business area Support and Services where I was involved in a transaction project related to Kenya which I also had the opportunity to visit for a week. The second one was a 6 weeks-long project in our Market Area in London. This assignment was more related to my home department. During this time I was mainly based in London but also had the opportunity to visit our market offices in Berlin, Paris and Brussels.


What has been the most memorable experience so far?

Visiting Nairobi, even though it was only for a few days, and also the team weeks.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?

Yes, you can find me on LinkedIn: