Oscar Sjöberg

Job title: Logistics Engineer, Kockums
Location: Karlskrona, Sweden
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management


Short personal summary
Oscar is employed as a Logistics Engineer in Karlskrona at business area Kockums. He holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management, with focus on product development and mechanical engineering, from Blekinge Institute of Technology. During his education, Oscar was responsible for a leadership network in the region and also spent one year working with business development within public procurement of medical technology. Oscar grew up in the southern parts of Sweden, where both snow and slopes are rare. However, he always has skiing as a top priority during the year.


Why did you apply to the graduate programme?
I came in contact with Saab AB toward the end of my time at university and became interested in the technology, the broad product portfolio, and the skilled people that the company had to offer. The graduate programme offered a great opportunity to learn more about the different business areas, create a professional network, and at the same time develop my competences. The programme is partly individualized, which enables me to work with the part of the business that I want to continue my future career within.


What is it like to be a graduate at Saab?
Being a Saab graduate is exciting in many ways. One of them is the ability to meet various interesting people in the organization who enjoy sharing knowledge and experience with you. Another one is the different challenges and opportunities you will face, both at the home department, but also during the rotations. No days are like the day before, which I personally think is the most exciting thing.


What have you gained from participating in the graduate programme?
The programme has made it possible for me to gain a deeper business understanding of Saab, expand my professional network, and challenge myself in new areas. I also think that the personal development, through workshops and tasks, is an important thing to mention. It really highlights the importance of going outside your “comfort zone”, which actually can be quite fun.


To whom would you recommend the programme?
The graduate programme is a great opportunity to explore your potential. The programme offers you the opportunity to strengthening business understanding with an international mindset. If you are an engaged and curious person that likes to take on new challenges, are interested in people, and has the drive to become a future leader at Saab, then this programme is for you.


What has been the most memorable experience so far?
There have been a lot of great memories during my first months at Saab. One of them was to work together with the project team for the new A26 submarine. This really highlighted the complexity of the product and gave me a better understanding of project management. Many great memories are of course the presentations, tasks and workshops that we have done during the team weeks. Both the friends and the experiences are something a will carry with me during my future career.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?
Of course! You can find me on LinkedIn: https://se.linkedin.com/in/oscar-sj%C3%B6berg-a49848b0