Rachel Klink

Job title: Program Manager at Saab Sensor Systems within Surface Radar Solutions Business Unit
Location: Saab Defense and Security USA in Syracuse, NY, USA
Education: Mechanical Engineering


Short personal summary:
Rachel graduated from the University of Rochester in 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business. She started working at the Sensor Systems division of Saab Defense and Security, Syracuse, NY in 2016 as an Integration and Test Engineer. Currently, she is training to become a Program Manager through the Saab Graduate Leadership Program. She has also been assisting in the management of the Littoral Combat Ship program, which utilizes the Sea Giraffe radars out of the Gothenburg office. Rachel was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and enjoys spending her free time with friends and family. She spent a college semester abroad in Madrid and has a passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures.


Why did you apply to the graduate programme?
I always had an interest in combining my engineering background with a leadership position, but it was something that I pictured would happen after many years of experience. This program seemed like the perfect opportunity and provided me a huge career jump in regards to the timeline I had envisioned. In addition, I loved the prospect of getting to travel around the world and learn about Saab on a global level.


What have you gained from participating in the graduate programme?
I have gained tremendous insight into the organization as a whole! There is so much about Saab that I have learned during this program. I have gained a better understanding of the company and the global product portfolio which is a unique experience for an employee coming from a country other than the company’s home base in Sweden. I have also learned so much about the Swedish culture which I value incredibly.


Do you have any tips for someone who is interested in applying to the graduate programme?
I would recommend being outgoing. I think you will get the most from the program and the best dynamic within the graduate group if you’re not afraid to put yourself out there from the beginning. Whether it is a team week or an abroad rotation, you’re going to be surrounded by new and unfamiliar people and may be placed outside your comfort zone. I think it is important to embrace that and shine through, rather than holding yourself back.


What do you like most about your business unit?
The people! I work in the Surface Radar business unit within Surveillance and I may be bias, but I think we have the best group of employees. I genuinely enjoy coming to work and spending time with my coworkers, whether it is in my home office or our counterparts in Gothenburg. I truly don’t think I could ask for better coworkers or to be a part of a better team—they are all great!


What has been the most memorable experience so far?
I think I have to say the team weeks. They are so valuable in so many ways and have provided some of the best memories. During the day we are learning so much about ourselves, each other, the company, and leadership qualities. We are introduced to so many amazing and influential people. After our meetings and workshops are over, the graduate group gets to spend time together and really gets to know one another. Often we are together from breakfast until we go to bed at night and during that time we get to share so much with each other, including an ridiculous amount of laughs. It’s really amazing.


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?
Sure, contact me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-klink-a30794b3/ or email me at Rachel.klink@saabusa.com