Ylva Winsnes

Job title: Systems Engineer, Industrial Products and Services

Location: Järfälla, Sweden

Education: M.Sc. in Engineering Physics


Short personal summary

Ylva takes an interest in a wide range of technical fields, something that was reflected in her decision to study for an engineering degree with focus on physics and mathematics. After graduating two years ago, she has worked with satellite navigation before joining Saab last autumn. Outside of work, Ylva enjoys cycling, skiing and other sports as well as to travel and spend time with friends.  


Why did you apply to the graduate programme? 

Saab’s graduate leadership programme appealed to me because it promised a broad introduction to the company, diverse job tasks and opportunities to meet and work with many inspiring people. The other aspect that I was attracted by was the personal development, through training and practice, which it promised. I also wanted to challenge my capacity as a leader, and get the tools and opportunities to practice these skills at work.

Saab, in general, attracted me because of their cutting-edge technologies, great company spirit, the work climate and a combination of innovation and long-running experience. Both personal development and continuing to build technical expertise was important to me, and Saab’s graduate leadership programme promised to be just the mix I was looking for.


Is the programme what you expected it to be like? Why or why not?

The programme is in general what I was expecting and in several ways much more than I could have hoped for. My own responsibility to drive the content, influencing and planning assignments and getting in touch with the right people, is bigger than I thought it would be. This is something that impressed me about Saab, and I am very happy to have gotten this chance and trust. I have learnt a lot about communication, planning and am gradually getting a clearer picture of what I want my job to include. Unfortunately, 14 months is only so long, but I am confident that what comes after will be just as exciting.


Can you tell us more about your assignments abroad? 

I was at the Saab EU Affairs and NATO Office in Brussels, Belgium, for my period abroad. The tasks of the office are, amongst other things, to liaison with industry and conduct lobby activities. A presence in Brussels is key to Saab, because knowing what is on the EU political agenda and how those policies affect our company are important for the business both strategically and on a shorter term.

My assignment was on the topic of EU funding for research and development (R&D). Saab is involved in many collaborative R&D projects which receive such funding from the EU. Through these projects, the EU drives European technology development and innovation, and participation in the programmes gives Saab a valuable network within European industry and financial resources to engage in new projects.


What has been the most challenging experience for you during the programme?

I don’t know if it is the single most challenging thing, but at least something that happens often are situations where you quickly have to know or understand what people are talking about and get up to speed on topics where you have no previous experience or even any clue. This is somewhat exiting, in my eyes, because you learn a lot, and motivating because while you accept the feeling of being “junior”. It is also nice those times when you realise that you have in fact quite a few things to contribute with.


What has been the most memorable experience so far?

The most memorable experience is probably the first team week last autumn when I met the other programme participants for the first time and got to know them during an intense week with team building, self-awareness exercises and many other both challenging and fun activities. We had many interesting discussions and everyone was so excited to be there. It was an empowering experience!


Can we contact you if we have additional questions?

Yes! You can find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ylva-winsnes.