Core Expert

Vacancies 10 September 2020

Closing date



Abu Dhabi


Fahad Khan +971 (56) 6847064
Joakim Thörnkvist +46 (13) 231728
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1)      Core Expert

•       Must possess good understanding of 3GPP standards for 4G/5G

•       Must possess strong knowledge on Internet Protocol, OSI layer, IPv4/IPv6 addressing scheme, Routing and Switching.  

•       In-depth experience of 4G/5G Core (MME/PGW/SGW/HSS/PCRF/DRA/IMS) Engineering, configuration, integration & advanced troubleshooting activities.

•       Must have good understanding on the functions of each EPC interfaces (Gy, Sy, S1 and etc.)

•       Proven experience of performing Core End to End (E2E), High-Level (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD) for 4G networks.

•       Strong knowledge of NFV virtualization, cloud technology and orchestration systems.

•       Service Engineering, planning and optimization for 4G/5G Core

•       Manage software updates and upgrades of 4G/5G Core

•       Preparation & release of Engineering and solution documents.

•       Preparing design guidelines, solution documents, as-built documents, processes & workflows, engineering details etc.

•       Audit, consultancy & Correction Drive for 4G/5G Core & Services Parameters

•       Good understanding of Core surrounding nodes

•       Able to analyze Core Key Performance Index (KPI), such as attach rate, bearer creation, tracking area update and others.

•       Good understanding on EPC integration to Business Support System (BSS).

•       Hands on experience on Core hardware and actual implementation.

Experience and Requirements:

•       Extensive experience in 4G Core covering solution, planning/design, optimization, and network engineering/operations.

•       Experience from 5G networks is an advantage.

•       Good general understanding of mobile network

•       Min 5 years of experience: >5 years in applicable similar roles, >8 years in industry

•       Experience in system integration, testing and debugging, troubleshooting

•       Experience in using OSS for all Core activities and for performance statistics

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