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Emir Acar [C] +46 (10) 2169353
Ulrika Kihlberg +46 (13) 182206
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Your role

Your role will be enhanced by collaborating with other top-notch software engineers where you will be provided opportunities to learn and contribute to the architecture, design, implementation, test and integrations of flight and mission critical software.

You will work in a tight team with very versatile tasks, giving you opportunities to develop different types of skills. Among other things, you will develop the software that provides the pilots with flight-, navigation- and landing guidance data. Not only that, but you will also lead and be in charge of the technical work for one or more applications. Some examples are:

  • Define requirements and lead the design for software applications and software architecture.
  • Test and verification in the flight simulator.
  • As Software Application Manager you will also make sure that the software development process are being followed in order to prove that the process complies with the standards for development of flight software.

We value teamwork and good relationships with co-workers, therefore we often organizes outside-of-work activities to build better and tighter teams, and also give you the opportunity to meet and connect with new people.

Your skills and experience

  • Bachelor of Science degree or higher in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Computer Science is not a requirement but preferable. We put more importance on experience
  • +5 years professional experience
  • Programming and testing experience of complex systems is a requirement
  • It is a merit if you have previous experience with Simulink and C++, although not a requirement
  • It is a merit if you have previous experience with the RTCA 178 process, although not a requirement
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both Swedish and English
  • Multitasking
  • Able to work in a team and take initiative

You will be part of

Your work will have purpose and value. As part of Saab Primary Data and Navigation you will collaborate with others to develop and supply Gripen’s navigation system to customers around the globe. We play an important role in the development of the whole Gripen System, where we not only make the flight characteristics, but also provide software important for mission solving.

Saab Primary data and Navigation develops and supplies Gripen with information that, for example, helps the pilot understand the airplanes movement and location in relation to the ground during missions.

Saab is a big company where we work with many different tasks. We believe that people change and evolve all the time, and because of that we always offer our help to all employee so we can all reach our goals and dreams.

Ask a colleague!

How is it to work in Saab?

Saab is a good employer. I feel that they have taken good care of me. For example, they have a good program for new employees with a signed mentor in order to help you get a good start. We work with very complex systems and technologies and therefore it helps a lot to start with plenty of support. Everyone understands the difficulties and are very keen to help, no matter the question.

What I also like is how much freedom I have when planning my job, or finding balance between work and my free time or family matters.

What is especially fun with your work?

We have a good relationship between us in the team, which makes the job more fun. Besides that, I enjoy developing new airplanes with the latest technologies, which is the reason for why I applied for this job in the first place.

I also like having a technical leader role, which is a role that you don’t see that often in other places.

Is there something you would like to tell to someone who does not have any experiences with Saab?

We work with the latest technology, which is extremely interesting. Not only that, but I feel that in Saab we work together with project leaders and managers that listens to everyone’s need and truly want to help everyone get the position or the role the person wants. Saab motivates people to move around, even move to other sites in the world, in order to expand the employees view and knowledge.

What do you think about the team you work with?

My team is very good. We help each other with anything, from small to big tasks. We sit close together too which helps cooperation and communication. Every day we have a short meeting to see where we are, what needs to be done and who needs help. From time to time we even have so called team-lunch to improve the relationship in the team. There are other teams that do more things outside of work, but that differ from person to person and from team to team. Although our section organizes activities where we all (or most of us) participate, like barbeque.

  • Björn Beckius, Software Application Manager
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