HMI System Engineer

Vacancies 27 September 2019

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Annika Holm Lindström [C] -
Martin Olsson +46 (13) 183348
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You are the HMI systems engineer that makes our complex aircrafts easy to use. Understand what the pilot needs, find the solutions and see your design take off in the sky.

Your role

As a HMI systems engineer you will investigate what is needed for the pilot to solve a specific task. What information is needed and what’s not. You will specify the requirements and find a suitable design. Your output are realized by our software developers, and toghether as a team you will test and verify that we reached a usable design. At the end our test pilots will take off from the runway in Tannefors and test your design.

The main tasks:

  • Develop the Human Machine Interface for all kind of functions in the cockpit
  • Analyze what information that needs to be displayed
  • Specify requirements for a function or a situation
  • Find, prepare, propose and document a design solution
  • Test and verify the design in rigs and simulators

Your profile

You have a university degree preferably in engineering. Your working experience includes development of systems containing software. You have the ability to gather information, sort out what is important and transform that into requirements. You are a patient problem solver using a systematic approach, but at any moment ready to take other opinions into account. You support the team striving for the overall best solution.

You co-operates well with colleagues from other disciplines when trying to find your way forward. Your social skills are important, it is necessary being a loyal and communicative team player.    

Required skills:

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or Information Systems Analysis or Cognitive Science
  • Minimum five years of developing complex technical systems
  • Excellent communication skills in English, verbal and written

Desired skills:

  • Basic knowledge in programming
  • Understanding of usability and ergonomics
  • Fluent in Swedish, verbal and written

What you will be a part of

The goal for our engineers at the HMI department is to make all systems easy to use. The pilot is our customer. The pilots’ workload need to be minimized while flying so that the focus can be used for tactical decision-making and situation awareness. We are the engineers and usability designers of all display in the cockpit, as well as of every single symbol and their behaviors. All functions must fit each other so that the working environment in every task and situation is optimized for the pilot.

The HMI system engineer acts on own initiative and learns how to put this giant puzzle into a complete picture. You need to understand how we get it all together. It is difficult and it is challenging but you are not on your own. We work as a team, sharing our knowledge and experiences. It is a true team effort to succeed with our task, to make a world class HMI airborne.

Observe that you can send us your application in either Swedish or English.

This assignment requires that you will be approved in a security check in accordance with the Security Protection Act.

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