M.Sc.Thesis. Application of deep learning in front end development

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At Saab, we constantly look ahead and push boundaries for what is considered technically possible. We collaborate with colleagues around the world who all share our challenge – to make the world a safer place.

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What you will be a part of

Aeronautics, a business area of Saab, offers advanced airborne systems, related subsystems, unmanned aerial systems, aerostructures and services to defence customers and commercial aerospace industries worldwide. Aeronautics is also responsible for development, production, marketing, selling and supporting of the Gripen fighter.

In order to carry out air missions, the armed forces act in a tactical loop that includes operational planning for missions and how missions are conducted and evaluated. You will be working with tactical and/or technical mission support systems and/or mission management systems. Their role is to support preparation, planning execution and evaluation of air missions in the tactical loop [2].

Your role

Focus will be on the GUI for tactical and technical information systems used for support in planning, execution, mainteance operations and evauation of air missions. These system are complex information systems with GUI's tailored to support their specific task. They support various aircrafts including fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned aircrafts each with their own GUI's and user interaction processes.

This work aim to investigate:

  1. The possilbity to develop generic front-ends for these systems
  2. Using (1) as test case to investigate if deep learning has the potential to help us in software development by automation of front-end development.

The first part involves the creation/identification and application of design rules for generic GUI’s that can be used to create homogenous front-ends/proxys for complex heterogenous information systems. The second part involves evaluation/creation of mtehods for automation of these rules using deep learning.  

Results will be a written report along with a PoC/demontrator.


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Your skills and experience

This thesis work will preferably be aimed at a D-level student in computer science/engineering with a broad, and preferably deep, background knowledge and interest in software enginnering. The student must also have a will to explore, understand and apply recent technologies in this area.

We look forward to your application!

Saab is a global defence and security company operating in the fields of air, land and naval defence, civil security and commercial aeronautics. We number 15,500 employees and have operations on all continents. Technologically we are leaders in many areas, and one-fifth of our earnings are spent on research and development.

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