Marketing & Sales Director, Middle East

Vacancies 11 September 2019

Closing date



Abu Dhabi


Killian Swift | Killian Swift +27 (21) 7099000
Killian Swift | Killian Swift +27 (21) 7099000
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We are looking for a dynamic Marketing & Sales Director that can support and continue to develop Saab’s strong market position in the Middle East. The successful candidate will be based in the UAE.

Your Role

In the role of Marketing and Sales Director for the Middle East you will be responsible for activities such as:

  • Customer Sales Responsible (CSR) for marketing Saab’s product portfolio to the Middle East.
  • Gathering business intelligence, as well as identifying and analyzing potential business opportunities.
  • Developing winning strategies with the Middle East Marketing and Sales team and Product Sales Responsible (PSR) to capture profitable business.
  • Create and maintain capture cards via Saab’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.
  • Support the Win Business (WB) process by being the customer interface, developing WB material, running WB meetings, submitting proposals and supporting in contract negotiations.
  • Develop and maintain customer relationships within the UAE and potentially other countries in the region.
  • Manage customer and partnership networks.
  • Prepare reports as required by the Country Unit Manager.
  • Support participation in local exhibitions and seminars.

Travelling to other countries in the Middle East, as well as to Sweden and other Saab countries for interacting and coordinating with the Business Areas will be a key part of the work.

Your skills and experience

As a candidate for this position you have to have the ability to work independently, take on great responsibility and have excellent communication skills. You should have a passion for business and closing contracts in challenging environments with a strong aim to contribute to profitable growth.

The successful candidate has experience of:

  • Track record within the Defence and Security sector.
  • Ability to work independently, within teams and in a cross cultural environment.
  • Strong network within Saab and/or the Customer environment.
  • Proven social and communication skills.
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