Master Thesis : Antenna Integrated Filters

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Master Thesis : Antenna Integrated Filters

Most of our sensor systems are based on advanced Group Antennas with electronically steered beams in one or two dimensions. Sometimes high frequency signal generation and reception is performed close to the antenna aperture and one or more beams are generated digitally. However a high Power amplifier or Low Noise Amplifier is always required.

Filtering of the transmitted/received signal is partly done by the signal processing, but this need to be complemented with analog filters near the Transmit/Receive module. The purpose of these filters are to protect the receive chain and to reduce unwanted transmission.

It would be desirable to reduce the requirement on these filters by using natural or intentional filter functions in the antenna element.

This master thesis work aims to map the frequency characteristics of different types of antenna elements and investigate the possibility to introduce filters in them.

The thesis work will include

  • Litterature study
  • Simulations of transmission characteristics of different antenna elements
  • Choose one or two methods to introduce filters
  • Simulations of above
  • Possibily realization in hardware and measurement
  • Report and presentation

Your profile

You are a master thesis student, preferably with a strong drive and interested in both theoretical and practical problem solving.

What you will be a part of

Surveillance, a business unit within Saab, is a world leading provider of surveillance solutions.

Radar Solutions, which are based in Gothenburg works mainly with radar equipment, but also datalinks and lasers.

The section Microwave and Antenna Design is responsible for microwave and antenna design and supports most of Surveillance products. The group Antenna measurements and design works with antenna elements, antenna apertures and installed performance of Antennas. The group also runs three antenna measurement sites which measures active and passive antennas both for Saab Surveillance, but also external customers. We are one of few antenna measurement sites in the world who are accredited for antenna measurements according to ISO17025.

This position requires that you will be approved in a security screening in accordance with the Swedish Protective Security Act.

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