Master thesis 30Hp: AI/ML within flight simulators

Vacancies 26 April 2019

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This master thesis will be performed at the department for tactical environment simulation and visualization within flight simulators. The flight simulators for Gripen are used for development, concept studies and advanced training. They are an important piece in the Gripen weapon system. These simulators contain a system for simulating pilots in the simulation, both friendly and hostile. It is important that these simulated pilots create a realistic threat and support for the trainee. They shall also be able to adapt to fit the current level of the trainee for the best learning experience.

The flight simulators are used both internally at Saab for development of Gripen, but they are also used by our customers for training flight missions. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are areas that have gotten a big focus from the research and corporate worlds. They are also a highly relevant area for flight simulators and the simulated pilots. Currently we use behavior trees for creating behaviors for simulated pilots. This master thesis aims at exploring this area further. Examples of studies are;

  • CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem – to use constraint programming to optimize and re-evaluate the decisions made by the simulated pilots during an exercise
  • EA (Evolutionary Algorithms) – to optimize values in the behavior nodes and generalize sequences in the behavior trees

See these two areas as suggestions and feel free to come up with on suggestions within the area of AI/ML for behaviors.

Expected result is a technical report in English, a prototype to evaluate AI/ML and a demonstration for a reference group within Saab.

Your profile

We are looking for an engineering student that is in the last year of a technical education aimed at AI/ML.

You are more than welcome to attach your own projects in the application.

Observe that you can send us your application in either Swedish or English.
This position requires that you will be approved in a security screening in accordance with the Swedish Protective Security Act.

What you will be a part of

Aeronautics offers flight-related subsystems, unmanned aerial systems, aircraft structure and services to defense and civil aviation industries worldwide. Aeronautic is responsible for the development, production, marketing, sales and support of the Gripen.

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