Master Thesis: Analysis and evaluation of methods for monitoring IP networks

Vacancies 02 December 2019

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Josefin Andersson +46 (10) 2156097
Mikael Eman +46 (10) 2156247
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The Saab GlobalEye Command & Control system is constantly improved in order to meet the expectations of a modern C2 system. Adding more functionality often increase the complexity in the IP networks within the system as new external systems are added. This does not only lead to a decreased overview of the networks but also increase the sources of errors during configuration and execution.

The goal with this master thesis is:

  • Identify and analyze existing methods for managing and supervising IP networks in regard to availability and performance.
  • Based on the analysis, propose tools and methods suitable for monitoring the system networks.
  • Evaluate the proposed methods by integrating them into the system.
  • If possible, implement functionality to visualize the acquired information.
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