Master Thesis: Analysis and evaluation of performance in a complex software system

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The software in the Saab GlobalEye Command & Control system is constantly being developed with new functionality to meet the expectations of a modern C2 system. At the same time, it should operate on hardware with limited capacity in an environment where it is often not possible to upgrade the hardware in order to meet new requirements. The software consists of a large number of components forming a complex system distributed on a number of nodes where the limits in regard of CPU, RAM, network and storage is hard to get around.

The goal with this master thesis is:

  • Identity and analyze methods for modelling the components forming the systems hardware and software and the interaction between them, and apply some of this methods on a complex system.
  • Using the model, identify possible areas that could cause bottlenecks in the system.
  • Identify and analyze methods for measuring system load and performance.
  • Perform measurements on a running system, with the purpose to evaluate what has been identified in the theoretical model.
  • If possible, come up with recommendations based on what has been found in the theoretical and practical studies.
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