Master Thesis: Design and implement a test framework for external systems

Vacancies 02 December 2019

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Josefin Andersson +46 (10) 2156097
Mikael Eman +46 (10) 2156247
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The Saab GlobalEye Command & Control system is constantly improved with new functionality, and new external systems, e.g. sensors, is integrated to meet the expectations of a modern C2 system. In order to facilitate integration and verification of the external systems simulators are often developed in different environments and programming languages to generate data traffic on the interfaces.

The goal with this master thesis is:

  • Identify and analyze existing test frameworks for simulation of external systems.
  • Based on the analysis, design and implement a plugin architecture for a test framework in Java that can be used for integration and verification of external interfaces.
  • Implement plugins using the framework, e.g. test automation using fuzz testing.
  • Evaluate the implementation by performing tests on the C2 system.
  • Based on the theoretical and practical studies, propose future improvements of the framework.
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