Master Thesis: Functional to flow oriented workshop

Vacancies 15 September 2020

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We want to have our workshop mapped and analyzed. This to be done in the viewpoint of having a flow oriented planning and steering instead of our current functional setup.

We expect a result in form of a proposal of flow oriented (possibly differentiated) workshop, or the reasoning for keeping it the way we currently work.


History and various factors have placed us in a position of a broad and highly diversified workshop. Manufacturing detailed parts and providing capabilities in areas such as, among other, welding, tubing, machining (turning and milling), sheet metal forming & processing, surface treatment & painting. Our advanced and high technological products (ie fighter aircraft and systems) require these capabilities and leads to a difficult and a complex planning and steering situation. We want to assess and evaluate possible alternatives to today’s set up.

Description of the master thesis

This Master Thesis aims at analyzing and proposing a flow oriented setup. This through mapping the flows by compiling and summarizing large data sets from our ERP system. From the mapping then analyze and find similar flows and evaluate if one or several differentiated flow oriented planning and steering setups are possible.

Your profile

This Master Thesis is suitable for two students with interest in value flows, logistics and systems (ERP/Planning). An interest in production is also favorable.

You are at the end of your education and about to start your Master Thesis work for XX HP.

What you will be a part of

You will carry out the master thesis in Saab aeronautics production ( and be a vital contribution to the success for delivering high end products customers in Sweden and worldwide.

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Contact information

Oskar Solheim, Head of Strategy Production


If you aspire to help create and innovate whilst developing yourself in a challenging team setting, Saab may well have the perfect conditions for you to grow. We pride ourselves on a nurturing environment, where everyone is different yet we share the same goal – to help protect people.

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