Master Thesis: Heads up Display for Soldiers Using Augmented Reality

Vacancies 07 October 2019

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What you will be a part of

As technology evolves, new opportunities emerge. What has been a futuristic dream is now fully possible to implement. In the area of soldier systems, we are evaluating the possibility for a radical change in the way of presenting information to the carrying soldier. Instead of showing tasks and tactical information on a device similar to a smartphone, we are now looking at integrating the system into a pair of goggles with integrated display used as a heads up display (HUD), taking advantage of augmented reality (AR) for presenting information.

By doing so, we hope to ease the cognitive burden of the soldier, helping him or her to focus on the right things in a physically challenging environment characterized by stress, risk and difficult decision-making. When looking up information on a smart handheld device, a soldier needs to focus both hands and eyes on the handheld device, exposing him/herself without means of self-protection, and a greatly decreased situational awareness during that time. If instead the information was available inside the soldiers protecting goggles, both hands and eyes are free to control other mission-critical equipment and maintaining situational awareness.

You profile

We are looking for a pair of master students with one or more of the following educational background:

·         data science

·         electrical engineering

·         mechanical engineering

You role

The thesis work will begin with a pre-study going through existing research material, which results in a concept suggestion. Following this, you will implement the concept into a prototype, which in the last stage will go through initial testing.

Are you interested in augmented reality, and how its use in human-machine interaction? Do you like systems integration and interdisciplinary cooperation? Then you might be the ones we are looking for!

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