Master Thesis: Isolation technologies for UEFI applications

Vacancies 10 October 2019

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We are building Combat Systems & C4I solutions for every type of naval platform, ranging from combat boats and patrol boats, to frigates and aircraft carriers, as well as submarines. Preventing these systems from cyberattacks like malware injection or code exploits is of paramount importance. To ensure that the device runs only authorized firmware or uses only authorized configuration data, we provide a way to verify both authenticity and integrity of the information.

Unified Extended Firmware Interface (UEFI) is the technology that replaces BIOS. UEFI is essentially a tiny operating system that runs on top of the firmware of the target system. We want to evaluate the feasibility of using isolation technologies like Web Assembly (WASM, WASI) as part of an UEFI application to gain access to various encryption libraries before the real operating system has been launched.

You have the freedom to choose your own direction within the area but we suggest the following approach: 1) a state-of-the-art analysis, e.g. feasibility of using Wasmer to execute code written in Go as an UEFI application 2) investigate any performance issues and vulnerabilities such a solution would introduce to our system. 3) create a prototype based on your own design solution

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We hope to get acquainted with a curious and positive student with great passion who want to help us explore the latest technologies and trends in the software field. Desired areas of study include computer science, distributed systems, computer networks, information technology, systems engineering or machine learning.

This work can be done by 1-2 students

To be successful you should have knowledge about C programming.

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