Master Thesis Security enabled reliable Ethernet based solution for low latency and high throughput interaction in Avionics systems

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Avionics Systems is a business group within the global aerospace and safety group Saab. We develop and manufacture qualified electronics, software and mechanics for aeroplanes, helicopters and other demanding applications. Most of our projects are driven in an international environment and we deliver products to some of the biggest aeroplane manufacturers in the world such as Airbus and Boeing. In the world of avionics there is high demands on flight safety and robustness in all technical systems used.

Having such high demands on subsystems in the aircraft industry with most of them being dependent on information from another subsystem makes communication between the subsystems crucial. There are differences in what type of data and how large the data usually is between the subsystems. Having a large amount of data, transmission speed is of essence. A network designed for this type of implementation should be able to handle both low latency traffic as well as broad bandwidth over a longer time. It would be interesting to research and develop a secure and redundant networking platform based on 10Gbit Ethernet. This could potentially result in a platform with significantly higher throughput and lower latency than what is common in the Avionics industry today.
In order to create such a platform, different switching technologies should be investigated. Both conventional and FPGA/ASIC based solutions should be tested and compared. By optimizing all layers of the transmission such as hardware, software configuration and data management a well suited solution for avionics application can hopefully be achieved.

Your role

  • Literature study of data communication and Ethernet
  • Literature study of different switches and  configurations 
  • Study the performance of existing communication systems.
  • Investigate suitable combinations of software and hardware elements to form a secure and reliable networking platform.
  • Design and implement a couple of networking platforms and compare their performance in terms of throughput and latency.
  • Compare the custom networking platform to other common platforms.
  • Extra suggestions from the thesis author.

The FPGA/ASIC based platform will be a switch made by Packet Architect.

Your profile

  • Student studying M.Sc in Information technology, Computer science or similar.
  • Having an interest in computer communication I general.
  • Some knowledge in software and hardware development.
  • Preferably completed a course in computer networks or similar.


30 HP (1 person)

January 2020 or according to agreement

Contact persons;
Per Emilsson +46 734 37 39 21

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